Church Update

14 Feb

Just wanted to give you a quick update on how things are going in Peru. Today is Valentines day here in the US, but in Peru it is also Friendship Day. It is so good to hear from so many of my friends in Peru, and I wanted to share some of the good news about what has been going on since we left.

– Several young adult leaders in our church have started a youth service on Saturday afternoons. According to one of the young ladies it is “a lot of fun and they always end up laughing”. It is still small, but it is growing and they are trying to involve the youth as much as they can.

– One of our young leader shared how her Casa Abierta (small group) is growing. There used to be just two other girls and now they have over eight people attending. She is also outward focused praying hard for one of her good friends from the university to know Christ as well.

– Another leader went through a difficult situation recently but her faith has kept her strong as she commented to me that “Little by little the calmness returns and I can see the love of the Lord in my life and I know that I am not alone”.

– A young leader shared with joy how they have been able to re-open the Casa Abierta (small group) in her home that we had to close before leaving in December because there wasn’t enough leaders/commitment.

– One of our Male leaders shared an amazing testimony with me about the awesome things God is doing, and the doors he is opening as old friends/classmates he hasn’t seen in years  are calling him up and getting in touch once again.He is using these opportunities to share the word of God with everyone he comes in contact with. Here are some of his words of a much longer testimony:

“One of my old friends who the week before seemed to accept everything I said began to question me and ask me a lot of hard things about/against God. There were a lot of things, and I felt in this moment that it wasn’t really him, but another person doing it. I listened to his questions and it was incredible, I couldn’t even believe it, it didn’t even feel like me answering the questions, but the Holy Spirit that was using me in this critical moment. How good I feel to know the message they received that day was what God wanted. Now my friend tells me that he wants to go to our Church’s next spiritual retreat. I want to keep encouraging him so he doesn’t get discouraged and change his mind.”

He also shared that he spoke to Javier’s mom as well, and as they were eating lunch and he was sharing a lot about deep things, she forgot to eat her lunch and was just listening. “I feel that this family needs God a lot and I feel that he has put them in my path.”

It is so encouraging to me to see how God is using these people in huge ways for the kingdom in Arequipa, Peru and how our two years of service is being multiplied as other are living and walking in the way of Christ.

The pastors have also asked for prayer for continued spiritual growth, maturity, and commitment from their leaders as they have a lot of responsibilities and a lot of growth to go, and also for the new people they come in contact with that they would have a desire to continue growing in God.

Please join me in lifting up these people in prayer.

Happy Friendship Day! Thank you to all of you who have been supporting me in a million different ways while on the field or at home. I thank God everyday for the friend I have in you!.

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