Where will you be serving?

I will be working the the heart of the city of Arequipa, Peru. It is the second largest city in Peru with over 1 million people. Arequipa lies in the Andes mountains, and has an altitude of  7,661 ft abovesea level. Arequipa is surrounded by several mountains, Chachani, Pichu Pichu, and the Volcano Misti (pictured below) It is know as “The White City” for the volcanic rock that has been used to construct many different homes and buildings in the downtown district.Arequipa has a mild sunny climate with sunshine aproximatly 300 days a year, but the temperatures rarely exceed 77 degrees!  It is a developing city where you can be in the middle of what appears to be a North American Mall, or in one room home without running water. You will often find yourself on a combi with a young businessman on one side and and old woman with tradionanal clothes on the other. There is quite a contrast between the livelihoods and the customs of the people here. The main form of transportation is combi (bus) and taxi, although the numer of car owners has been growing in the last few years! Dividing the city of Arequipa is the Rio Chile (Chile River) it is a beautiful river that passes though the downtown district. Arequipa, like most of Peru is predominately catholic, but for many it is by name and tradition more than anything else.

What will you be doing?



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